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Not all photos were photographed by Tom. All are Photoshop by Tom.

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Tom Jenkins Photography started in my sophomore year of high school 1975. I applied and was accepted to be on the year book staff my junior year. I was excited to be accepted, knowing that it was a free hall pass and my path was paved. That summer I purchased a Canon FTb film camera. With the help of a library card, I set out to figure out what the hell I was doing. In a few short months of my junior year, I was lead yearbook photographer. By my senior year I was in an internship with a commercial photographer.
Later I went on to shoot portraits and weddings. Simultaneously, I worked in a photo lab as a custom color and black and white printer. By age 25. I consolidated all my efforts by setting up a darkroom for a world renown aviation photographer. It has been a hall pass to see the world. I have been with Paul Bowen Photography 25+ years. Yeah, I got to having so much fun I lost track of time.
In the early 90's a friend invited Paul and myself to his office to see Photoshop 2.5. Immediately, I realized that film and the darkroom would go away. My loving wife agreed and supported the purchase of a computer and Photoshop 2.5. For months I played it like a video game to gain a basic understanding. Over the years it has grown into something I am very proud of. I have set up this web sight to share this experience with you.
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